Annandale, VA


Complete 2012



Ravensworth Baptist Church

Faced with a 50 year-old church building increasingly at-odds with their self-image as a warm, welcoming congregation, Ravensworth Baptist Church engaged LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects to see what might be done on a limited budget to bring their building into line with their ministry vision. Conducting face-to-face interviews and an online congregational survey, LEWA confirmed shared priorities, including a lack of space to gather for fellowship before and after services; unwelcoming and unattractive childcare areas, and coldly impersonal pastoral offices. To stretch funds, LEWA proposed primary renovations in these prioritized building areas, carving-out a new Fellowship Hall from former office space, relocating improved offices to an under-utilized portion of the building, and renovating childcare areas to meet current standards. At the same time, new lighting, doors and hardware throughout maximize the total aesthetic impact of the project on the church’s tight budget.


“LeMay Erickson Willcox helped us find a way to transform our space, and to turn our liabilities into a welcoming, hospitable strength. I doubt that anyone hires an architect and firm in order to make new friends, but LeMay Erickson Willcox is truly a friend of our congregation and a superb architect who can visualize the changes needed and create an exciting new reality.”

Reverend Steve Hyde, Senior Pastor Ravensworth Baptist Church

“From the initial interviews with the principals of Lemay Erickson Willcox to the final walkthroughs and completion of the construction punch list last month, the principals and staff of this firm have been our partners and trusted advisors. The staff at LEW understood our needs and took the time and effort to design a project that both met our conservative budget and exceeded our expectations of design.”

Beth Moffett, CPA, CGMA Chair of Building Renovation Committee