Reston, Virginia


In Design


17,000 SF

Reston Fire Station No. 25

Reston Fire Station No. 25 is a new 17,150 SF fire station designed to replace the existing 7,750 SF station. The existing station, a 2 1/2 bay structure designed in 1972, has become undersized and contains inadequate critical infrastructure and support functions to meet the needs of the expanding department and the region.

The new facility is designed as a 4-bay station with accommodations for up to 20 fire fighters per shift and six apparatus equipment including a future engine and medic. The new building expands support function through updated gear lockers, shop and storage rooms, control room, and lobby all connected and easily accessible to the first floor apparatus bays.

To meet the increased shift sizes forty one parking spaces are required, thereby reducing the buildable area for the building foot print. The resulting design is a two story station with administrative offices, living quarters, and bunk and locker rooms located above the apparatus bays on the second floor of the facility.

The administrative spaces along the second floor act as a beacon of light on Wiehle Avenue; highlighting the entrance to the station and welcoming visitors in.