OAPFF Winter Education Conference 2020

As an invited speaker at the 2020 OAPFF Winter Education Conference, Mr. Erickson continues to advocate for the safety, health and well-being of our firefighters through fire station design. His presentations to 200 IAFF leaders in Ohio addressed two groundbreaking topics: “Hot Zone Design: Reducing Firefighter Cancer in the Next Generation” and “Immersive Design: Improving Resiliency and Firefighter Behavioral Health.”

Hot Zone Design: Reducing Cancer in the Next Generation

Over the past five years, Mr. Erickson has raised the awareness of the sources of cancer in firefighters through a series of national speaking engagements. In response to the cancer crisis, he has developed an architectural design strategy to reduce cancer by categorizing spaces within the fire station according to the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens. The concepts of “Hot Zone Design” has been adopted nationally by many fire departments and other architects while Paul has continued to advance fire station designs by including enhanced decontamination protocols and creating applications for existing stations and modernization/renovation projects.

Immersive Design: Improving Resiliency and Firefighter Behavioral Health

As advancements are made in the treatment of PTSD and suicide in our first responders, advancements to improve firefighter behavioral health are likewise being made in Immersive Design. Mr. Erickson continues to shape the industry’s understanding of how daylight, color, and connections to nature can improve the overall mental and emotional well-being of today’s firefighters. This talk demonstrated how biophilic design strategies utilize natural materials, daylight and views to enhance the sense of orientation, security and safety for first responders. With a focus on resiliency and the importance circadian rhythms play in natural sleep cycles, Mr. Erickson also addresses the impact of shift work and sleep deprivation.

To learn more about these topics please visit:  Embracing Immersive Design  / Hot Zone Design

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