City of Green, Ohio


Completed 2020


12,250 SF

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City of Green Fire Station No. 3

This new 12,250 SF satellite fire station blends comfortably into the surrounding residential neighborhood and provides three drive-through bays with private sleeping rooms for the crew of 4. Designed by Prime A/E and LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects, the Fire Station No. 3 is particularly notable for its extensive on-site training features which include a 3 story training tower and roof top training decks over adjacent spaces that can be easily configured to represent realistic incident situations for any combination of single or multi-story scenarios. A major benefit of the on-site training is the crew remains in service while building esprit de corps while sharpening their technical skills. The station is also notable for its carefully designed decontamination spaces following state-of-the-art Hot Zone Design strategies to reduce the incidence of cancer in firefighters. Finally, the station includes a “Storm Shelter” that will withstand tornado strength wind forces to safely protect the crew in event of a weather emergency.

Dedication Ceremony: Fire Station 3

For a virtual tour of the completed station, visit: Fire Station 3 Virtual Tour


Fire Station No. 3 Virtual Tour

24 November 2020

LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects and PRIME AE provided planning and design services for the recently completed Fire Station No. 3, located at the northeast corner of Mayfair and Raber Roads…