Montgomery County, MD


Completed 2016


11,000 SF

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Public Safety Training Academy – High-Bay Building

The High Bay building was designed to provide all-weather training opportunities for MCFRS. The building is a large four-story tall “hangar” type structure that houses a three-story training building. The size and layout of the High Bay building allows the interior training building to function as a street front, complete with windows, garage doors, street lights, fire hydrants, curbs, and other training props. Overhead sectional doors on either end of the open bay space allow for fire apparatus to pull into and through the facility to simulate response from the Training Fire Station building to a simulated incident. The scale of the interior space also allows for aerial ladder trucks to extend a ladder and simulate upper story incident response. The High Bay Building includes a confined space bunker in one of the ground floor training rooms, a roof ventilation prop, and a large storage and shop area that allows for the creation of various props used during training exercises both in the building and at the adjacent Outdoor Fire Training Area.