Washington, DC


Completed 2016


25,000 SF

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Engine Company 16

LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects was selected by the District of Columbia to provide a major interior renovation of existing Engine Company 16 totaling approximately 26,000 SF. The work included demolition of the interior of the fire station with a new floor plan design and new building systems including mechanical and electrical systems. Work on the exterior of the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, included widening the bay doors, window and roof replacement and stabilization of existing masonry elements.

In addition to modernizing the facility, the design strived to return the 80 year old structure to its former glory as a civic landmark. Specific features included recreating and installing the lost original copper weather vane, replacing the copper vaulted roof vents, refurbishing the stately cupola, repairing/refinishing the terrazzo flooring, repairing the original fire poles and safety cages, stripping/refinishing the existing central stair, and repurposing the existing marble wall and shower panels.



  • Award of Honor (Gold) / F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Awards 2018
  • Bronze Winner / Firehouse Station Design Awards 2018


LeMay Erickson Wilcox Architects are outstanding at what they do and follow through on all assignments. They are always open to staff and community input and developing plans. Most importantly, their work is accurate and timely. Their lead architects know the key ingredients of successful facility planning and what it takes to work with clients to get results. As a member of the design team, they consistently inspire creativity, teamwork and open communication.

Quinn R. Osborne Project Manager Capital Construction Division Public Safety Cluster Department of General Services


A Bird’s-eye View of Engine Company 16

16 November 2016

Placed in Service on December 16, 1932, Engine Company 16 has served the District of Columbia and it's citizens well. With eighty four years of wear and tear, this stately…

Engine Company Number 16 Site Walk

13 March 2017

The Department of General Services Capital Projects Manger Quinn Osborne provided Director Gillis and the team a site visit of the modernized Engine Company 16. The renovations to this historic…